Sean William’s Hott!

In the American Pie series, the crowd favorite was always the underdog lead character – poor old Jim Levenstein (played by Jason Biggs). My favorite though, has always been the hilarious, naughty, sexy and obnoxious Steve Stifler, played by teen hottie Seann William Scott.

Scott was born in Minnesota to a homemaker and a factory worker. He grew up with six siblings  and admitted that it was difficult at times, but was thankful that he was able to finish elementary and high school, despite the slight financial troubles. His big break came in the form of a performance in the music video “Hole in My Soul” by rock band Aerosmith. Afterwards, he managed to land a role on the television show Chad’s World.

What catapulted Scott from background character to worldwide success was the big screen teen comedy about four high school boys making a pact to lose their virginities on prom night – American Pie.  Scott played the mischievous playboy, and in my personal opinion he made the movie go from just funny to downright hilarious.

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